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             International champion of wrestling the first Olympic Prize Laureate of India in wrestling .Shri.KhashabaJadhav is the ex-student of ShikshanMandal’sTilak High School, Karad. We , the students, teachers & all the members from all the branches of ShikshanMandal, Karad humbly played a significant role in moulding the sportsmen who shone brightly at the state & international level. Students get inspiration continuously from the grand work done by ShriKhashabaJadhav. With the blessings & inspiration from this Olympicveer, ShriKhashabaJadhav.ShikshanMandal, Karad has established ‘KhashabaJadhav Sports Academy’, to inspire the potentials of the students, to encourage to guide them & provide them various sports facilities. This is the humble step taken by ShikshanMandalKarad to establish ‘KhashabaJadhav Sports Academy’ to enhance the sports culture of Maharashtra by moulding well-known players, coach & referee /umpires.

     We aim not only to create sports tracks, grounds, sports equipments,sportsmen or the coach but also to bring about continuous physical, mental, emotional & intellectual development of the students, to develop the feeling of ‘Sportsmanship’ in them. To achieve the success irrespective of any field, the feeling of sportsmanship & sports abilities are very essential which in turn are being selected as ‘Leadership Quality’

     The characteristic feature of ShikshanMandal is the availability of the sports ground, sports trainer, sports equipment & very effective sports policy. This is the strongest point of ShikshanMandal. ShikshanMandal has humbly taken the responsibility to conserve the historical heritage in the field of sports in the form of the ‘Olympicveer’ KhashabaJadhav. ShikshanMandal blends this glorious heritage with modern technology & sports equipments in the form of ‘KhashabaJadhav Sports Academy. This Academy makes an arranging Yoga, Pranayam, exercises, diet, sports psychology, health ,library etc.

     ‘KashabaJadhav Sports Academy is free & accessible not only to the branches of ShikshanMandal but also welcomes the students, sports teachers/ trainers, referee/coach & the scholars.

             For more details click on www.khashabasports.com

Khashaba Jadhav Sports Academy

Designed & developed by : Shikshan Mandal Karad’s, Institute of Information Technology, Karad.

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