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                 Mahila Mahavidyalaya is founded on August 7, 1986 to cater to the needs of higher education of women of Karad town and nearby rural areas by Shikshan Mandal, Karad, a well known educational society of Western Maharashtra. The society has given more attention to quality excellence rather than multipoint expression. It has provided possible good infrastructure, human resources and more than this, leadership with vision. It was felt in the latter half of the 1980 that a good women’s college is needed on the city side of Krishna bridge, a separating divide between the city on one side and Vidyanagar,  a higher education campus that had come up on the northern side of the bridge. The commuting from the city and surrounding rural area across the river was becoming hazardous to the students in general and girl students in particular. Karad being one of the educationally alive taluka  had a large population willing to educate their girl wards in higher education. But unfriendly social environment led them to crave for such a facility for girls’  academic and social security, assuring quality on the city side of the river Krishna. Thus Shikshan Mandal Karad was called on once again to answer the call of girls’  education in the city.

                 The women do differ in their psychological makeup and their learning priorities. So the co-educational environment often a misnomer or disguised masculine programme frustrates the academic aspirations of girls by the harsh hold, so Shikshan Mandal answered the call and established this college. It doggedly weathered down the financial tribulations of non-grant institution with heroic work of its intelligent teaching team and inquisitive students. The work succeed at the god pace and the college progressed and earned permanent affiliation  within eight years in 1994 and UGC listing has followed it in 1998. The college is accredited by NAAC with ‘B’ grade in 2004 and re-accredited with ‘B’ grade in the year 2012 respectively. At the end of academic year 2016-17, college classrooms are equipped with ‘Interactive Digital Boards’ as well as Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.


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शिक्षण मंडळ, कराड

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